The majestic Syros

Majestic, imposing, majestic ... everyone refers to Syros with similar descriptions. Certainly this beautiful island, in the middle of the Cyclades complex, is truly unique. This is due to its particular neoclassical architecture and charm that is imprinted not only on its well-kept buildings but also on its neighborhoods that have kept their authentic character. In the 19th century, Syros was considered one of the most important ports in the Eastern Mediterranean, which affected its commercial and cultural life. It is worth mentioning that the trade was so flourishing that Ermoupolis took its name, in 1826, in honor of the merchant god, Kerdos Hermes.

Today, Syros as the capital of the Cyclades, is still at the heart of the business life of winter and summer, since it hosts many Public Services (Courts, Prefecture, South Aegean Region, Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce, Customs, etc.) and offers its residents and its guests a lot of holiday and entertainment options on beautiful beaches, as well as acquaintance with history.

The Municipality of Ano Syros, one of the oldest in Greece, consists of twelve settlements and its population reaches 1700 inhabitants. The lively medieval town is built on the hill of Agios Georgios (Catholic Church) above Ermoupolis, and you can get there by car, but not in the town since there are no vehicles in the settlement. The alleys are less than two meters wide and there are stairs everywhere. Climb them up, stroll in the wonderful alleys and live in another era.

It is worth visiting in Syros, since it is only 3.5 hours from the port of Piraeus and has a regular connection with the other Cycladic islands. It is the ideal destination for family holidays, but also unique weekends that will remain unforgettable.